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Get custom soccer team shirts for your squad that represent your style and personality. Choose from a variety of materials, designs, and printing options to create the perfect kit for your team.

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If you’re a soccer team captain or coach looking for some fresh ideas for your team’s custom shirts, you’ve come to the right place. We know how important it is to have a sweet kit that not only looks good on the field, but also represents your squad’s style and personality.


First things first: material. You want something that’s going to be comfortable and breathable for your players, especially if you’re in a hot climate or playing in the summer. Polyester is a popular choice because it’s lightweight and moisture-wicking, which means it’ll keep your team cool and dry. Another option is a blend of polyester and spandex, which gives you a bit of stretch for maximum comfort and movement.


But what about those super cold games? No worries, just go for a heavier material like a poly-cotton blend or even fleece to keep your crew warm. Just make sure to test out the material beforehand to make sure it’s not too thick or bulky for playing.

Shirts design

Now for the fun part: the design. You want something that’s going to make your team stand out from the competition, but also something that your players will actually want to wear. A good place to start is by choosing a color scheme that reflects your team’s identity and branding. You can go for a classic look with a solid color or two, or mix it up with a bold, eye-catching pattern.


But don’t stop there! You can also add custom details like team logos, player numbers, and even player names to really make your shirts one-of-a-kind. Just make sure to keep it simple and not overcrowd the design – you want your players to be able to move freely without any distractions.


Speaking of custom details, don’t forget about the collar and sleeves. You can go for a traditional round neck or switch it up with a v-neck or even a henley collar. As for the sleeves, you can opt for short sleeves, long sleeves, or even no sleeves (aka a tank top). Just make sure to consider the weather and your team’s preferences when choosing.

Shirt printing

Finally, the printing. You want something that’s going to last through all those tough games and washings, so go for a high-quality printing method like screen printing or sublimation. These methods involve pressing ink directly into the fabric, which creates a durable and long-lasting design. Just make sure to properly care for your shirts to keep them looking fresh (more on that later).


So there you have it, some ideas for creating custom soccer team shirts that are both stylish and practical. Just remember to choose a comfortable and durable material, come up with a unique and cohesive design, and go for high-quality printing. And most importantly, make sure to get the approval of your team before placing that order!


Oh, and one more thing – don’t forget about shirt care. Make sure to follow the washing instructions on the label to keep your shirts looking good as new. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, you can even invest in a shirt folder to keep those sleeves and collars nice and crisp.


Alright, that’s it from us. Time to go hit the pitch and show off those fresh new kits!